Speciality Services

Irish Customs Agents offers speciality services such as speciality document preparation and much more.

Speciality Services

At Irish Customs Agents, we offer a range of speciality services to our clients. This includes document preparation of documents ranging from CVED/CHED to Catch Certificates. We have years of experience working with clients in many different sectors, and over the years have become fluent in all regulations surrounding different types of imports and exports.

CATCH Certificates

At Irish Customs Agents, we can also complete catch certificates on behalf of our clients. A catch certificate is very important document that is needed when importing fish products into Ireland.

This document provides a range of information that proves the fish products being imported were caught under a legal fishing regime, and that the boat it which caught the fish products have the permissions to catch the certain species.

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COI Documents

COI stands for Certification of Inspection, which is given for the import of products from organic production into the European Union.

PHYTO Documents

PHYTO, standing for Phytosanitary, is a certification that is needed for import and re-exportation of plant origins.

The phytosanitary certificate is a legal document which is issued by the National Plant Protection Organisation of the country of export. It certifies that the goods which are of plant origin are free from any harmful pests and diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Speciality Services

  • I am looking for help preparing a document but I don’t see it on your site, can you help?

    We have many years of experience working with many different clients and are very confident in our knowledge of customs. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, please get in contact with us by phone or email to discuss your needs further.

  • How much do your speciality services cost?

    The cost of our speciality services depend wholly on what service we are completing for you. To discuss your needs further and receive a quote for our services, please contact us today.

  • I am looking to import some fish, can you help with that?

    Yes, Irish Customs Agents is able to help you import your non-illegal, unreported or unregulated fish into the EU. We have the knowledge to complete Catch Certificates with ease.