Our Services

Irish Customs Agents offers a range of customs clearance services to clients all over Ireland.

Our Services

Irish Customs Agents is proud to offer a broad range of services for all of our customers. These services range from document downloads and preparation to Brexit services to freight forwarding service.

Along with these services, we also have our own deferment account with Revenue. This enables us to pay customs taxes on the behalf of our clients, and act as direct representatives for our clients and their companies.

To book our customs brokerage services, please contact us today.

Brexit Services

Irish Customs Agents offers cross-border customs brokerage services for all of our clients. We have taken Brexit in stride and have kept on top of all new regulations imposed by Brexit. We have a deep understanding of the implications for your company in relation to the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, and how it impacts both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Our professional team have the knowledge to ensure your company remains customs compliant as well as to avoid any delays or disruptions that could be caused to your business.

Document Preparation

At Irish Customs Agents, we are here to help with all of our client’s document preparation needs. We are able to advise you on the documents required for your shipments to clear customs, both import and export, as well as provide those documents for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

  • Is your team able to advise me on the proper documents I need for my shipment?

    Yes, our professional team are able to discuss your needs with you and advise you on the best options for documents for your shipments. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Is Irish Customs Agents able to help with EXS and ENS declarations?

    All of the customs brokers here at Irish Customs Agents are able to help with both exit summary declarations and entry summary declarations when you are bringing something from Britain into Ireland or vice versa. Our team of experts are very knowledgeable about Brexit and how to handle all of the documents that go with these shipments.