Bonded Warehouse

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Bonded Warehouse

At Irish Customs Agents, we are proud to offer the services of our own bonded warehouse to all of our clients. Having our own customs bonded warehouse allows us to store our client’s goods while they are still going through the import clearance process.

All of the staff who work in our warehouse facility are highly trained with all of the equipment they are working with, and have the knowledge that is needed to work with pallets and shipments properly.

As well, we have 24 hour on-site security at our customs warehouse for your peace of mind.

What Is A Bonded Warehouse?

A customs bonded warehouse is the secured area where we are able to store your goods without the payment of duty. The purpose of having a bonded warehouse is to provide supervision on shipments coming into Ireland, as well as for security on goods before the payment of duty and customs taxes.

To take advantage of our bonded warehouse, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bonded Warehouse

  • Where is your bonded warehouse facility located?

    Our bonded warehouse is ideally located just minutes away from the M1 Motorway, the Dublin Port Tunnel, and Dublin Airport. This is a convenient location if you are bringing shipments in through the sea or through the air.

  • Do you provide reports on my shipments while they are in your bonded warehouse?

    Yes, we complete and keep comprehensive reports of every shipment that is taken in and stays in our warehouse. This way we can ensure that your goods are safe and you are able to track what has happened to the shipment every step of the way.