NCTS – T1 Transit

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NCTS – T1 Transit

NCTS, which stands for the New Computerised Transit System, is a system of electronic declaration and processing that all traders must use to submit common transit declarations. The system is used by all member states of the European Union, the UK, and the Common Transit Convention.

The NCTS customs system will process the declaration as well as control the transit movement. To use the NCTS, you enter a transit declaration into the system which sends an electronic message to the appropriate customs office. If your declaration is accepted, then the system will allocate a movement reference number to you.

T1 Transit Document

The T1 document is a customs document which is used to allow goods that have originated from outside of the European Union to move freely within the EU.

The purpose, and benefit, of having the T1 transit document is so that no customs taxes or duties are payable as your shipment moves within the EU. You will only have to pay any duties or customs taxes once your shipment arrives at its final destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NCTS – T1 Transit

  • Do I need a T1 transit document?

    The T1 document is needed when you have goods entering the European Union that you are not sure whether they will remain within the EU, or you have goods entering the EU for storage under customs control, and more. Contact us today so that we can advise you on the best document for your needs.

  • Are you able to use the NCTS system on my behalf?

    Yes, we are able to do this for you. Contact us today and we can get started on your shipments.